The Rise of Home Meal Kit Delivery & its Effect on the Cold Chain Market

Promising a home-cooked meal in less than half the time, meal kit delivery services have enjoyed a quick rise in market share in recent years. Luring in everyone from busy professionals to soccer moms with their appealing blend of no-shopping, quick prepping, clean eating goodness, these companies have placed an increased demand for innovation in the cold chain packaging market.

As companies flood this new market they must learn to differentiate themselves from their competition. Maintaining a high level of quality and customer service are equally as important as keeping shipping costs reasonable and preventing losses due to inadequate packaging of highly perishable food items. After all, these companies hang their hats on the “fresh factor” of their meals.

Several packaging options are available to meal kit delivery companies, some more appealing than others. Traditional coolers are effective, yet heavy to ship and bulky to store. Specialized refrigerated vans may have a place in premium delivery markets. However, many meal kit delivery services have found the sweet spot of cold chain shipping to be a cost-effective insulated box liner with a cold gel pack that can be shipped via traditional couriers. This allows them to keep food fresh and costs manageable for a larger market share.

Further complicating the meal delivery packaging process are the varying climates, weather patterns and transit times that affect various regions of the country. Successful meal-delivery companies will need to... Click here to read more

Decrease Shipping Costs 
Save on Warehouse Space
Decrease your Customer's Packaging Waste 

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3rd Party Thermal Testing of the CoolPAC
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All CoolPAC Products can be custom sized and/or custom printed to fit your business needs!

Also Available in Stock Sizes:

Thermal Box Liners:
• 6" x 6" x 6"
• 8" x 8" x 8"
• 10" x 10" x 10"
• 11" x 8.5" x 5.5"
• 12" x 10" x 9"

Thermal Mailers:
• 8" x 11"
• 12" x 17"
• 15" x 17"
• 22" x 18"

Thermal Roll Stock:
• 24" x 250' rolls
• 48" x 250' rolls
CoolPAC box liners
are manufactured with
our exclusive dual flap
closure system that
provides a more effective
seal compared to other
liners in the industry. A
greater seal means better
CoolPAC mailers are
ideal for shipping items
that do not need a box for
extra protection. When a
gel pack is included, the
bubble-lined mailer offers
just the right amount of
protection and insulation.
CoolPAC reflective roll stock
is ideal for wrapping larger,
perishable items. Allows you
to customize your protection
for shipments that vary in size.
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All CoolPAC Products can be Custom Printed and/or Custom Sized to Fit Your Business Needs!